Calder Hypermobility Opens Today! Lucky New Yorkers.

Wall Hangings At Norsu Interiors

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Kootenay Lake Beach Mobile For My Daughter

Kootenay Lake Beach Mobile - rocks, sticks, wire and thread

My family went on a little road trip to Kootenay Lake and at each beach, and we visited many, my daughter and I started collecting a few special rocks per stop. We got back to Fernie and a day later our Kootenay Lake Beach mobile was made and now hangs in our carport, just outside our dining room window. I’ve always enjoyed collecting beautiful objects on trips but always end up losing them or just throwing them out. This time I was determined to make something we will see every day to take us back to those great few days on the road with the family.

Lines, Lines, Lines

My eye searches for lines in all interior design posts I see on Instagram. I’m a lover of lines, symmetry, complimentary shapes and textures. There’s some good lines here:

Mark Your Calendars – June 2nd, 2017 Is An Important Date


Starting June 2nd, 2017, we will be posting our collaborative, uniquely crafted mobiles or wall hanging on our website and social media outlets. We will post them as we make them. Some designs will come back again, some new ones will appear.

It’s a very exciting time for us. All these ideas are in our heads, all jumbled together and we can’t wait to get them out for the world to see.

Every piece will have its own unique story. I always knew I was a storyteller, who knew I would be telling the stories through 3 dimensional, floating art!

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Design Sponge Knows Her Colours And Textures

When I’m cruising the feed with my windows rolled down blaring my inspirational indie folk music I alway slow down when I see a Design Sponge post. I don’t always know it’s DS but when I stop and scroll up a little to see who posted it, it’s almost always DS. She really knows her colours and textures…which I value.

Revisiting one of my favorite photos from the #dscolor feed from @nimblewell 🌈

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