Annex Suspended - Milo's Room Mobile Pairing

Nursery Room Style & Mobile Pairings

We decided to find a few photos from Pinterest of nursery rooms without mobiles to pair some of our mobiles with these beautifully designed baby rooms.




(Above) Parker Baby Co’s August Nursery Room is already stunning on its own. The deep colours on top with the light wood lower walls is balanced with the wood mountain artwork. In the corner, though, our Happening mobile in greyscale would be the perfect piece for this natural, neutral mountain nursery room.




(Above) Isla’s bedroom from Laurenda Marie Photography’s website is just as it says “sweet light and airy”. This room is so soft and comforting, a picture perfect nursery room for the luckiest baby! This baby room would no doubt love a little Floral Pitch in the corner, just hovering above it all, moving gently in the bright airy light.




Koda’s Gender Neutral Nursery on Little Milk Bar’s website would without a doubt look amazing with our Giraffe Dream mobile. Can you really ever have too many giraffe’s in a room?!

Annex Suspended - Milo's Room Mobile Pairing

As beautiful and calming as Milo’s Room is, our Follow Me mobile would looked just adorable in the corner. Follow Me is a special friend and we love it.

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