Pinterest Nursery Inspiration Imagery - neutral and organic

Nursery Inspiration

I decided to search for “Nursery Inspiration” in Pinterest today and look at what came up! Completely, natural and neutral nursery images.  Every room is so elegant, soft and neutral and full or natural colours and textures. I love it! I’m also wondering where the colour is…but I bet if I typed in “Colourful Nursery Inspiration”, I’d find a whole new palette. Let’s try! To be honest “Colourful Nursery Inspiration” came up quite neutral but then I typed in “Bold Nursery Inspiration” and I found this (below)…so more uses of colour, whether it be deep contrasting colours or just more vibrant.

We love making mobiles that fit in neutral nursery rooms and baby rooms that are more bold and colourful. It’s a good thing I’m not making the decorating decisions anymore, we’re just giving you one piece of the interior design puzzle.

Bold Nursery Inspiration Imagery on Pinterest

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