Calgary Zoo - Family Trips Inspiration - Flamingos

Inspiration In All That We Do

Michelle and I often gather up our families (and other families) and head out on little adventures together. We try to do it often because our kids are relatively close in age, our husbands are like two peas in a pod and we get to hang out together. We’ve done group camping trips, a weekend in Calgary, vacationed in Costa Rica, day trips to local beaches and adventure hikes around Fernie.

Whenever we go somewhere, something along the way will spark an idea. It could be a bighorn sheep sighting as we drive through the rocky mountains, a vibrant, long legged bird sighting at the zoo or a field of stunning wildflowers. We love to get outside and explore because nature inspires us constantly. We want to take our collections of experiences and turn them into suspended art that, hopefully, others will connect to.

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