Bird Mobile Close Up - paper illustration mobile made in Fernie BC Canada

Annex’s June Launch – Handmade Mobiles and Suspended Art


We did it! One year in business making mobiles together, Michelle and I, and we are celebrating by launching 6 new mobiles…and one updated whale mobile. Dive and Descend No. 1 (whale mobile) was at Black Star in Invermere up until a few weeks ago. Now it’s looking Annex Fabulous!

Our new handmade mobiles are:
A Fish and a Bubble – a single felted goldfish under one glass bubble.
A Walk in the Meadow – a felted sheep and her little felted lamb out for a walk.
Sweet Swallow – a delicate paper mobile of lush green fern leaves, flowers and a single swallow.
Light Drizzle – dynamic paper clouds and their light raindrops.
Wild Hare Play – playful paper bunny mobile.
Strawberry Lace – a gorgeous white paper strawberry mobile.

Check out the details on our new mobiles on our New Mobile page. We also have a few new Catalogue Mobiles that are ready to go.


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