What Makes You Happy?

I was reading a little article on designing a nursery room on Crate&Barrel’s website and a little paragraph stood out to me.

“When it comes to (nursery) decor, the only rule to follow is that there aren’t really rules. If you fill your space with things that make you happy, the result will be beautiful and will make you happy.”

When I look around my house I see things that make me happy. There are mobiles in every corner, paintings by me and by old friends, my daughters drawings, my sons cars scattered around the floor, pictures of friends and family, books that I’ve enjoyed and books that I want to read, delft blue pottery handed down from my grandparents – everything I put in my house tells a story.

Our dream is for Annex to connect to people and who they are. Michelle is from Newfoundland so she really wanted to make a large cod fish wall hanging. I grew up in Southern Ontario so I wanted to make a mobile covered in leaves. We will continue to make mobiles that we connect to and, perhaps, you will also be drawn to them as we are and in the end, bring a bit of happiness to your home.

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