Annex In The Periodical World

Annex Suspended Art in the News - The Free Press - Fernie BC

On the night of Annex Suspended Art opening we were interviewed by a son named Phil from the The Free Press, our local newspaper, and we just read the write up for the first time last night.

The first sentence made us laugh. The rest of the article  was a nice read and we thank Phil for being interested in and taking the time to inquire about us and our work.

We are mothers with an art show. It’s true. We love our kids. Michelle and I, also artists, believe in using our imaginations and connecting to something beyond ourselves  and our city borders. Our children have reminded us how important that is. No doubt.  Art is a beautiful thing. Who we are and what we create and how people connect to it, it’s all important. We are mothers. We are artists. We are people. We are daughters. We are friends. We are Annex. It’s all connected.

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